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Thermal Shock Chamber Manufacturers In India

Thermal Shock Chamber-Manufacturers In India

Thermal Shock Chamber Manufacturers

High quality Thermal Shock Chamber manufacturers in India and middle east.Hot and cold Thermal Shock Test Chamber for High-Low Temperature Rapid Change Test used to test the material structure or composite material in an instant by the extremely high temperatures and very low temperature continuous environment which can endure the degree of order in the shortest possible time to test its thermal expansion and contraction caused by chemical changes physical harm. The applicable the object material, including metals, plastics, rubber, electronic, etc., can be used as the basis of its product improvement of reference Accumax India is a leading thermal shock chamber manufacturers in India and all over the world.

Technical Specifications

(Temp - 65 degree C to 180 degree C).
2 separate chambers (hot chamber and cold chamber)
Hot chamber : up to +180 degree C
Heating Ramping Rate : At least 5 degree C/min (from the ambient to +180 degree C) Cold chamber: Up to -65 degree
Cooling Ramping Rate : 5 degree C/min average (from ambient to -65 degree C) Each zone will have a full front opening type door.
Chamber volume: 50 litres
Maximum sample Load Capacity: 5 Kgs

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