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Mortuary Chamber

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Mortuary Chamber

Mortuary Chamber also known as Mortuary freezer or Mortuary Refrigerator are low temperature refrigerated cabinets that are used to keep dead bodies for short or long time. These dead body refrigerated storage cabinets are widely used at hospitals, railways, airports, disaster & army camps and army hospitals etc. These cold cabinets are also called by other names such as morgue freezer, deal body storage refrigerator, mortuary fridge and mortuary chambers etc. Usually the temperature of mortuary storage cabinet remains between 1C to 5C but in some cases it may go freezing side such as 0C, -10C and even -20C that can also be designed as an option.

  • Our standard mortuary cabinets are available in two, three, four, six and eight bodies. Accumax India makes customized units for large storage requirements. Biggest advantage of our mortuary refrigerator is individual refrigeration system and control system. If there is four body mortuary cabinet then it will be designed in such a way that each chamber has its own refrigeration system and temperature controller; which may result in energy efficiency and ease of maintenance. Suppose if one refrigeration system is not working; you can use other three chambers. In this case your overall unit may never be under breakdown condition and you may have sufficient time to get that malfunctioned chamber repair. In addition, in four body mortuary chamber, if you want to use only 2 chamber then you may keep other 2 chambers switched off.
  • As standard, we keep our mortuary cabinet temperature factory set at -2C that can also be editable as per individual requirement. For precise temperature controlling we use quality temperature controller which features high resolution easy to read display and many in-built safety features. Each chamber has its own temperature controller; if you have six body mortuary refrigerator then there are six numbers of temperature controllers; one controller for each chamber.
  • At Accumax India, each mortuary refrigerator is carefully designed so that you may experience a wonderful product which is almost maintenance free. These mortuary storage cabinets are made with direct cooling technology; which is considered best method to store dead bodies. Direct cooling is considered more reliable as compared to air cooling. It does not require air circulation; hence compressor life becomes more than expected.
  • Durability and ruggedness are one of the prime features of our mortuary refrigerators. Each unit is designed with thick gauge of stainless steel 304 with thick layer of PUF insulation. Overall unit is mounted on caster wheels that enable unit to move anywhere easily. Each chamber has individual trolley which is made of stainless steel 304 and runs on rollers.
  • These trolleys can bear approx. 150 kg weight easily. Doors are solid and fixed on study stainless steel hinges. These dead body storage cabinets operate on 220 volts 50Hz power supply to run.
  • We have in-house facility to design and manufacture mortuary refrigerator; therefore, we can offer you competitive price in India. We also export these cabinets to UAE, Africa, Greece, Philippines, Vietnam and Nepal and other countries.

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