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Kinetic Viscosity Bath-price


    A Viscosity Bath, also known as a viscometer bath, is a controlled temperature bath used to measure the viscosity of liquids. The viscosity of a liquid is its resistance to flow, and it is a critical property in various industries such as lubrication, pharmaceuticals, food and beverages, and chemicals.
  • It is used for determination of Viscosity of Fuels, Oils & Lubricants & Petrochem Raw Materials at constant temperatures.
  • Double walled, Exterior made of CRCA Steel - Powder coat finished.
  • Inner Leak proof argon welded tank made of Stainless steel 304 Grade.
  • High density glass wool insulation to prevent heat loss & ensure constant temperature.
  • Perfectly sealed Toughened glass window for clear visibilityon both side.
  • Pump cum Stirring assembly for High accuracy and temperature uniformity.
  • Illumination by Fluorescent tube/lamp for clear visibility.
  • Heating is done by S.S Immersion Heaters.
  • Temperature controlled by Dual display Microprocessor based PID Temp. Controller with PT-100 Sensor.
  • Temperature range from 5C above ambient to 95C.
  • Control Accuracy 0.5C.
  • Temperature controller resolution : 0.1C.
  • Drainage at the side of the bath is provided as outlet.
  • Operates on 230 Volts AC Single phase 50 Hz.


  • A. Viscometer Clamp Holder
  • B. Special application accuracy of 0.01C Indicating Controller
Technical Specifications

Viscometer Accommodation Bath Working Size L x W x D Rating
4 VISCOMETERS 10" x 9" x 14" 1500 W.
6 VISCOMETERS 14" x 9" x 14" 2500 W.

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