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Blood Bank Refrigerator manufacturers in India

Blood Bank Refrigerator-manufacturers in India

Blood Bank Refrigerator is a designated temperature controlled refrigeration machine specially designed to store blood bags at 4 degree celsius. As the name indicates, it is widely used in blood banks and hospitals. Not every refrigerator is Blood Refrigerator; temperature uniformity is prime requirement for blood bag storage, other things to consider while buying such fridge are bags capacity, number of shelves, material of construction and safety features etc.
We are ISO and CE certified Blood Bank Refrigerator manufacturers and suppliers in India and has been helping blood banks and hospitals over 30 years to meet their stringent requirements of blood bags at correct temperature range. Also known as blood fridge, we make these storage cabinets in various designs including chest, benchtop and floor standing.Using branded refrigeration system and certified components, we bring reliability in our blood fridges providing better storage of blood bags.We are proud that we have supplied high standard Blood Bank Refrigerator inquality in the last 30 years.

We are happy to discuss your blood storage requirements. To know our Blood Bank Refrigerator price, please provide number of blood bags you want to store and specific accessories you want to fit in it. Our engineering team carefully designs your machine. Each unit is supplied only after continuous testing for long hours

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